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We Take Risks So You Don’t Have To

TRI-TEC’s partnership approach provides benefits, guidance and resources crucial to your company’s growth and success. More than a Value Added Reseller of Tier 1 Communications products and services, we are your trusted advisor and consultants. As your Partner, here are 4 things we promise to provide:


We are well-versed in the ins and outs of VoIP and related Unified Communications applications. Because this is our primary focus, we have the ability to convert this first-hand knowledge into easy to understand solutions and how they apply to your business.

An advocate who cuts through the hype

TRI-TEC sets the pace, and selects solutions that lead the industry. We bridge the gap between a manufacturer’s enthusiasm for their offering and what is a truly effective business solution. We take the extra time to work with our client companies identifying genuinely effective technical options. Once your systems are installed, we become your champion with the manufacturer making sure your systems run as designed.

A long term planner, implementer, & strategist

We have a handle on implementation, whether it’s suggesting a gradual introduction over time or a veritable technology lost weekend where everything is shut down and changed over. Our process and method for executing projects provides a systematic routine our clients depend on. It defines roles and responsibilities, ensures efficient execution and is the backbone of our business. We continuously hone our understanding of the “business at hand” so we can offer you insight into how new solutions and technologies can reduce cost and streamline your operations.

A keen ability to troubleshoot

It’s unrealistic to think any element of technology, no matter how expensive or sophisticated, is totally immune to breakdowns. Rather than wallowing in that tech Never-Never Land, TRI-TEC is always ready to address technical problems quickly. We provide fast, cost-effective troubleshooting and technical support when problems can’t be avoided.

For over 25 years, TRI-TEC technologists have helped businesses, schools and non profit organizations throughout Washington select, install and manage telecommunications systems that make work easier, faster and more profitable. As the leading provider of unified communications systems in the Pacific Northwest, we specialize in customizable onsite and hosted voice cloud solutions from industry leading manufacturers.

We care about improving your bottom line and ensuring that all of your employees feel comfortable and competent using your new technology system. Whether you need a new telecommunications system or maintenance on an existing solution, TRI-TEC is the partner you can count on to help you do more with your IT dollars.

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