Telecommunications Solutions That Help Your Business Grow


Transform The Way You Work

Ready to install a new premise based system? Upgrade to a modern onsite system today with TRI-TEC and enjoy seamless integration and breakthrough performance from cutting edge applications. Let our insight and expertise in onsite systems help you improve productivity, deliver more satisfying customer service and slash expenses.

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VoIP and Hosted Cloud

Free Your IT

All cloud providers aren’t created equal. TRI-TEC helps you sift through the sea of VoIP and cloud solutions to find the one that’s best for you. We can also work with you after installation to make sure your employees feel confident using it. Enjoy better ROI, improved functionality, more responsive customer service and more time to focus on your business with a modern phone system today.

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Network + Dialtone

Consolidate Customize, and Thrive

TRI-TEC's carrier services help you get more performance and ROI from your carrier relationships. Let us demystify the complex, interconnected systems you rely on to move data by customizing your carrier networks for improved efficiency and performance.

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Exceed Expectations

Don’t just meet expectations. Raise the bar with streamlined, cost conscious wireless networking solutions that improve responsiveness, increase efficiency and deliver satisfaction. Make it easier for customers and employees to connect to your Wi-Fi network with TRI-TEC's wireless solutions.

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Seattle Based Cabling and Infrastructure Experts

Efficiency and growth is built from the ground up. Give your business a sure foundation with TRI-TEC's infrastructure expertise. We can optimize your WAN, adjust your cabling, and help you put infrastructure in place that supports a satisfying end user experience and improved efficiency across your organization.

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Legacy Systems

Get Your Time Back

Do you have a legacy system that you’re not quite ready to replace? When it makes more sense financially to fine-tune the system that got you this far, TRI-TEC will provide all the loving care and support it needs until you’re ready to upgrade.

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Mitel MiVoice
Ruckus Wireless Systems | Ruckus Wireless LAN | Ruckus Zone Director | WiFi Access Point | Business Wireless | Seattle | Bellevue | Tacoma | Everett | Olympia
HP Enterprise

Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Financial Services

Satisfy customers from the first contact.

Don’t risk jeopardizing a valuable client relationship with a poor service experience. Research shows that if you can direct customers to the right resource correctly the first time, you reduce service delivery costs and increase satisfaction. Crush the competition with an IP PBX with advanced unified communications features that delight and empower your members at every touch point.

Powerful features for powerful impact

TRI-TEC represents the most comprehensive and cost-effective unified communications solutions available in the market today—from enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect teams via smartphones and tablets, to fully hosted subscription phone services in the cloud. We take the time to learn your organization's communications needs and recommend the most cost efficient way to achieve your goals.


Professional Services

Stay connected to the business at hand.

A typical office phone system will not meet the demands of busy professionals who communicate from multiple locations via desk phone, mobile phone, voice mail, fax, email, IM and web conferencing. Instead, what’s needed is a system that unifies these communications, allowing critical information to flow seamlessly across device type and location.

Focus on your practice, not your phones.

A business phone system that unifies modes of communication can benefit your practice—but not if it’s complicated and expensive to implement. TRI-TEC assesses your needs and provides a roadmap for implementing an onsite, hosted or cloud IP unified communications system that gives you the time and opportunity you need to grow your practice. Plus, you’ll save money when TRI-TEC helps you reduce system maintenance expenses, employ least cost routing, harness the power of voice trunk sharing and more.



Offer stellar guest service.

When hosting guests, little things matter—like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring timely service. Unified Communications technology makes it easy to do all this and more. Enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet your needs with TRI-TEC.

Operate more efficiently.

As an Allied Member of the Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association, TRI-TEC has visibility to the demands, directions and trends unique to the Northwest’s hospitality industry. Having created and installed customized communications solutions for clients throughout the region, we have a thorough understanding of how to develop and implement solutions that work for the hospitality marketplace. We’ll help you reduce training time with intuitive interfaces; untether staff with mobile working; and manage service requests with purpose-built applications.


Construction & General Contracting

End to end solutions for busy construction firms.

Customer expectations are constantly rising for information exchange – and construction firms are looking for end-to-end solutions that enable operational collaboration and key project support. Unified Communications systems provide a single interface for all types of live communications and messaging formats allowing employees to be more responsive.

With TRI-TEC’s Unified Communications solutions your salespeople, project managers, remote workers and mobile executives can do business from any location and will never miss a call or message. Voicemail to email delivery, “find me-follow me,” and call accounting drastically improve productivity.

If you’re looking for the flexibility of an onsite unified communications system at your corporate headquarters that can connect seamlessly with jobsites, count on TRI-TEC to provide a reliable and dependable solution.



Secure, reliable communications solutions for schools and students.

Regardless of size or academic capacity, educational institutions share a need for secure, advanced, reliable, scalable communications systems. Not only must students, staff, parents, and teachers regularly communicate to share critical news and updates, but they must often do so from mobile devices, remote locations, or extended campuses. As students graduate, teachers move on, and administrative headcount shifts, scalability and ease of management are extremely important.

TRI-TEC’s education solutions are innovative communications tools that offer students and faculty simplicity and seamless access to information. Discover how communication technology delivers new ways of learning while improving collaboration between students, parents and your school.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Get to market faster with TRI-TEC.

Reduce your time to market with a streamlined unified communications system from TRI-TEC. We specialize in helping manufacturers select phone systems that enable fast, effective communication. The end result? More of your product makes it to the market faster.

The right unified communications system can streamline your communications via presence (to find the right person); mobile devices (to deliver the information to and from the exact point of need); and optimal communications modes (IM for simple efficiency; voice, document or video when needed). Plus, your service after the sale will improve as customers reach the right person, at the right time, with the right solution to their problem.



Unified communications is the detail in retail.

Improving customer service is the highest priority to retail businesses. A recent Gartner study found that the majority of customer questions are inventory-related. When shoppers don't get immediate answers to their questions, stores miss out on a sales opportunity.

The customer experience has evolved to become multi-channel and multi-layered. Most retailers know that speed of reaction and quality of experience can mean the difference between disappointing or exceeding customer expectations. With TRI-TEC, when a customer calls, the right person will answer.



Provide better service to your constituents.

Every day local government and municipal organizations are uniquely challenged to provide essential and life enriching services to citizens in a cost efficient manner while ensuring all data and information meet strict privacy and protection requirements. Oftentimes, departments are located in different facilities across vast geographic areas creating inherent communications challenges. In times of disaster - natural or manmade - or civil unrest, communication is the key to taking appropriate action.

TRI-TEC’s experience in designing communications solutions that are easy to adopt, integrate, manage and use empowers public sector entities to increase efficiency, facilitate interaction between agencies and support mobile users with crystal clear communication.



Drive higher patient satisfaction scores with better communications.

For healthcare organizations of every size and type, quality comes down to improving patient safety, treatment and satisfaction. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need the right tools. Frustrating communication delays disappear with the right unified communications system in place at your facility. Mobility and messaging reduce patient response times and increase team access to staff members who alternate their time between multiple locations.

TRI-TEC offers an extensive array of next-generation solutions designed to help accelerate communication and collaboration. Examples include personalized automated appointment reminders for medical offices, call centers that handle resident relations in extended care networks, and multi-modal contact centers that handle sensitive patient data for insurance and billing systems.



Phone systems optimized for service.

Nonprofit and social services organizations, driven by a purpose to serve the common good, have unique needs related to fundraising and special challenges when it comes to managing expenses.

Deploying unified communications in the cloud is one way that non-profits can gain control of their running costs while at the same time benefiting from a modern, flexible communications service that can adapt to a range of communication needs. TRI-TEC provides solutions that empower non-profit organizations to offer work from home, on-the-go and onsite flexibility. Video is fully integrated into the platform, so it is as easy to chat to a colleague in another country as it is to talk to the person one cubicle over.


Voice, Data, Cloud & Carrier —
Anytime, Anywhere.

TRI-TEC helps Washington businesses, schools and non profit organizations select, design, implement and manage technology solutions for success. Increase efficiency, reduce expenses and improve responsiveness with TRI-TEC. Learn more about businesses we’ve helped.

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