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For Your Mission Critical Infrastructure, TRI-TEC Is Available 24×7

From our Network Operations Center located at our headquarters in Kent, WA; TRI-TEC provides 24 x 7 monitoring of your network. We understand that today’s environment of increased mobility, multiple device types and ever-changing software applications; is making networks more complex to manage, support and secure. While the pace of technology change continues to speed up, IT staff budgets are generally not expanding. TRI-TEC’s cost-effective, unparalleled network management and monitoring provides:

  • Network Utilization Assessment
  • Network Availability Reporting
  • Network Performance Rates
  • Packet Loss And Latency Data
  • Device And Client Connectivity Status
  • Configuration Management And Backup
  • Software/Firmware Revision Management And Updates
  • Management And Trend Reporting

Our network solutions provide a comprehensive set of capabilities for configuration, fault detection, performance management and reporting of all network devices. If a problem is detected, we are notified immediately and are set in motion to rectify the situation. If an equipment failure is involved, TRI-TEC will send a pre-configured device overnight to your facility.

We house the Northwest’s largest inventory of spare components so equipment is always readily available when needed. Should a technician be required on site, TRI-TEC will dispatch one immediately. No other network provider is as skilled or equipped to respond in such a timely manner.

We specialize in undergoing the detailed analysis it takes to match our customers with the right network infrastructure.  If you are looking to implement a new network, move offices or looking to make improvements to your existing platforms, TRI-TEC’s consultative services is available to help address your network hardware, software, bandwidth optimization and project management needs.

TRI-TEC can provide network assessment to help plan, design and implement a successful network solution prior to launch.  We help you avoid surprises by insuring a smooth transition to a converged network by testing your network’s ability to support all proposed voice and data solutions within your LAN and WAN. TRI-TEC’s readiness assessment will insure that necessary protocols and standards are supported, confirm your infrastructure is optimally configured for traffic, verify that your WAN technologies are compatible with your telephony platforms, validate network capacity to support proposed network installations, all the while measuring delay, packet loss and jitter to insure they meet acceptable quality thresholds.

Trust TRI-TEC’s specialized expertise for all your networking needs.

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